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The Second Sight blog is a mutual exploration into the reconciliation between science and faith.

Over the centuries there have been tussles between scientific discoveries and the teaching of the Catholic Church. Sometimes this is because scientists have got ahead of themselves; sometimes it is because the Church has clung too long to traditional understandings, and failed to discriminate between the essentials and the inessentials.

But truth is indivisible, and scientific fact and the truths of faith are ultimately reconcilable – although we may not always understand how.

Today this reconciliation has never been more important. Materialists often chide us for what they regard as mere superstition, and claim that we are trying to influence society with our unproved beliefs.

And so the Second Sight blog was born.

The raw material is based on my fortnightly Science and Faith column in The Catholic Herald. And I add to that other relevant articles and thoughts, which I hope you will find stimulating.

But the value of the blog lies mainly with you. Contribute your comments generously. You may well want to disagree with some of my views. Tell me so. I may want to disagree with some of yours. Perhaps you can offer different or additional angles. May be you are an expert in a particular field, scientific, theological or philosophical, and have facts we need to hear. It will be a learning process for all of us, not least for me.

Take a look at the STOP PRESS page. This is reserved for miscellaneous, mainly topical, pieces which I hope will be of great interest. I will add and subtract articles on a frequent basis. The page does provide an opportunity to comment but, in doing so, please make clear to which article you are referring.


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