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de la Bédoyère’s Maxims, No. 3

Many great changes in society have only come about because they were introduced by extremists and fanatics, repudiated by those they claimed to represent. To use considerate language is only good manners and a sign of sensitivity to others’ feelings. … Continue reading

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Why we need fathers

The emperor penguin dad incubates his mate’s eggs, protecting them with a flap of skin, and when they are hatched he plays a full part in providing for them. Most fish dads spread their seed externally, and take no further … Continue reading

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de la Bédoyère’s Maxims, No. 2

An anthropologist from Mars might start his study by looking at women’s magazines. He would conclude that their sole preoccupations were personal appearance, food and sex. He would borrow for his learned paper the title, “Knit your own Orgasm.” There … Continue reading

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This page will contain breaking news and information relevant to the blog. Watch this space. (for a bit of thoughtful fun, try Joie de Vivre) List of Articles 1 Why should a disabled baby be lawfully killed? 2 What really happened in … Continue reading

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Cybrids and Hybrids

Embryo research into stem cells which may be used to treat serious diseases is very much in the news. As the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill will shortly have its next reading in the House of Commons, we need to … Continue reading

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Get in touch

For help with the site, click here to e-mail us. To report a comment as inappropriate or offensive, click here. If you would like to suggest a new topic, either for the Science and Faith column, or for discussion on … Continue reading

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Express an opinion

Click on the tag which interests you. Read any comments made so far, and see how your thoughts can contribute. In order to submit a comment, you need to register first. Registration is free. You may use a pseudonym or, … Continue reading

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de la Bédoyère’s Maxims, No. 1

A maxim is never completely true nor completely false; it is only of value to the active mind. Truth is to be found at the place that the three roads meet: the road of paradox, the road of ambiguity and … Continue reading

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