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Holding out for a hero

Some months back I reviewed an important book: Philip Zimbardo’s The Lucifer Effect. Its theme, using many examples, was that for the most part we take our moral judgments from the culture which surrounds us. Often it is only the … Continue reading

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de la Bédoyère’s Maxims No 8

The greatest iniquities are committed in the name of obedience.   Obedience is an evolutionary adaptation; society needs the majority to be conformists just as it needs a minority – the people who excel – to lead it.   If … Continue reading

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Natural Family Planning – an assessment

Whether or not a sincere Catholic agrees or disagrees with the papal teaching on contraception there is, I would claim, an obligation to give it full, due weight. In other words he or she must read and examine the teaching … Continue reading

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Professor Marshall – the central arguments

We have had some good discussion on aspects of Professor Marshall’s interview (see STOP PRESS for the text), but I don’t think we have attended yet to a central issue. The commission concluded that the married relationship was the right … Continue reading

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