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Married Priests and female deacons

Readers of this blog will know that at its core are the Science and Faith Columns which appear fortnightly in the Catholic Herald. In alternate weeks I post an item of personal choice, which is often designed to be challenging. … Continue reading

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Decisions beyond compare

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make them every day, and, for the most part, we make them rationally. Untrue, I fear. Most of our decisions – correct or otherwise – are arational. ┬áThis is because our brains are very efficient at … Continue reading

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Would you have voted for Obama?

Few regular readers of Second Sight would have qualified to vote in the US presidential election, but my wife and I had a discussion on what we would have done. The attractions of Obama are obvious, although a great popular … Continue reading

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The secret life of HIV

Why is the HIV virus so vicious and, given that an effective vaccine was expected many years ago, why has none emerged? A normal vaccine works by injecting non-active, or attenuated, viruses of diseases like flu and polio, which the … Continue reading

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