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Chattering chimpanzees

The difference between man and chimpanzee in genetic terms  is, as we know, very small – about 1.5 per cent. Yet the different outcome between the two species, which share a common ancestor, is very large. Investigating why is extremely … Continue reading

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The unknown unknowns

We’ve all been working hard at serious subjects on Secondsight, so I thought we might have a little relaxation by way of a quiz – which has nothing in particular to do with faith, science or theology. Test yourself and … Continue reading

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Communities that communicate

At his inaugural Mass Archbishop Nichols spoke of faith building a community in which superficial differences are trumped by our unity in Christ. Certainly true, but I am always suspicious of the word “community” because it is easily said, and … Continue reading

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Decision by emotion?

Just how much of our moral stance is influenced by emotional reaction? A study has recently been published in which elderly but mentally fit people were asked to consider what sort of care they would choose if they were to … Continue reading

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