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God exists – so enjoy yourself

It is of course well known that religious people, and especially Catholics, live a miserable life. Obliged to worship an egotistical and vengeful deity who demands nothing but praise and endless sacrifice, they are trapped in a web of sinfulness … Continue reading

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Sick of the recession?

How was it for you? We are all living in a time of sudden social change. The recession has bitten deeply, leading to loss of jobs, reductions in income – whether on savings or failed pension schemes, and in some … Continue reading

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Whose God are you praying to?

How do you know that God exists? This question was the title of a Channel 4 programme broadcast twice during August. I hope that some of you chose to watch it. The question was put to a number of faith … Continue reading

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The music behind the words

What is your native language? No, it’s not English, nor Italian, nor Urdu. For we are all born with one native language: non-verbal communication (NVC). Watch a baby. Many months before the first recognisable word is said, a baby is … Continue reading

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