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Clerical abuse in Ireland: your first reactions

We have all been holding our collective breath for the report of the Commission to inquire into child abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese. It has now been published and has proved to be not so much another nail in the … Continue reading

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On the threshold

It is clear that the December Copenhagen conference on climate change will not result in a legally binding treaty committing countries to emission targets. The best we may hope for is political agreement, involving immediate action – to be followed, … Continue reading

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Does God exist?

Our recent excursion into the use of rhetoric in defence of the faith, and the subsequent contributions from you, suggests that we should looking at the subject more thoroughly. In order to do that I have enlisted the help of … Continue reading

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Rhetoric rules OK

Even had I known in advance of the Intelligence Squared debate at which Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop Onaiyekan were soundly trounced defending the motion that “The Catholic Church is a Force for the Good in the World”, I would not … Continue reading

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A la carte Catholics

Re-reading the comments on Going along with the Crowd I thought it might be useful to make some summary, personal points. Of course I write on my own authority, and anyone is free to disagree or to amplify. My concern … Continue reading

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