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Candid Candido

This contribution, and the two comments which follow immediately, have been copied from “The culture of community”. The comprehensiveness of John Candido’s contribution suggests that it should be posted separately to allow for the points made to be explored. John Candido on 27 Apr 2010 at … Continue reading

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Birds and bees

One key issue in the debate which took place while the Children, Schools and Families Bill (2009) was being discussed was the emphasis on the Magisterium’s constant teaching that parents are the first educators of their children and that they, … Continue reading

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Three into two won’t go

The very idea that one might conceive a child using the DNA from three parents is one that makes us shudder. But let’s check our immediate instincts and think the problem through. The announcement today about the transfer of DNA … Continue reading

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The culture of community

I have addressed in former columns the less fortunate aspects of the Church’s culture. In January I wrote of the dangers of power as an occasion of sin. In December last year I wrote of the poor state of communication … Continue reading

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“The men began to mock him and beat him”

Not a strange dream to have at Eastertide. Christ, blooded with scourging and the crown of thorns, being mocked by his tormentors. But my waking mind saw clearly that the figure was Christ and Pope Benedict at the same time. … Continue reading

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