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Abortion through ignorance

st. joseph, a regular contributor to the blog, has referred from time to time to methods of contraception which are claimed to act as abortifacients. This subject hasn’t fitted easily into the other posts but it is such an important … Continue reading

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Paved with good intentions

A couple of generations ago, when the average decent member of the British public looked for reasons of substance rather than simple convenience before electing for abortion, the danger to the mother’s life was often cited. We hear of this … Continue reading

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God’s “dumb ox”

I wonder who would make the best patron saint for the Science and Faith column. The first candidate who springs to my mind is Thomas Aquinas (13th century). And I have several good reasons for this. I like his instinctive … Continue reading

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Kissing cousins

So we have a new set of cousins: the Neanderthals. We were already aware of a distant relationship – although they were never our direct forebears – because we shared a common ancestor some half a million years ago. But … Continue reading

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