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Natural Law doesn’t always come naturally

It is over two years since I wrote in general terms about the concept of the natural law (July 4 2008) but some recent correspondence in this paper suggests that there are certain aspects which could profitably be revisited. I … Continue reading

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So we have renewed confirmation that every human being alive today is descended from a single mother, who lived 200,000 years ago. Hallo, cousins! The lady in question is known as mitochondrial Eve. The name comes from examining the mitochondria … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and rhetoric

Some years ago, when I was receiving what seemed to me alarmingly large sums of money for addressing business conferences and the like, I used to teach rhetoric. We may first think of rhetoric as an art (which it is), … Continue reading

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Growing old disgracefully

Here’s a problem – and a solution. A recent study in the August issue of the British Journal of Urology reported that almost two thirds of women reported sexual dysfunction. Six key areas were noted: lack of desire, arousal issues, … Continue reading

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