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Curiouser and curiouser

I am usually sorry not to have the chance to write my weekly column but, on this occasion, I am capitalising on the opportunity to write about a topic which is perhaps too delicate to lie around the house on … Continue reading

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A piercing thought

I was never a boy scout but I have always tried to be prepared. And, given the amount of scandal around, I thought I had better survey some religious choices in case any of my readers decided that they needed … Continue reading

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The virtue of empathy

Prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance – we all remember the cardinal virtues. They come next in the list after the theological virtues: faith, hope and charity. But I find myself interested in the lesser virtues, which have the characteristic of … Continue reading

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Happy families?

Does having children increase our happiness? The question answers itself, doesn’t it? Or does it? As I write, the grandchildren are out. The twin five-year-olds are over with their mother from America. How lucky we are in the golden moments. … Continue reading

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The Grand Theory of Nothing

So that’s that then. Stephen Hawking has assured us that the laws of physics are sufficient to explain the universe we live in – and that we have no need to posit the possibility of God. His book, The Grand Design, … Continue reading

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Bearding the Pope

Of course we haven’t yet studied the major natural law problem, but this Blog is never afraid to tackle the most controversial topics. I write of a flagrant breach of the natural law which is extremely common. Indeed the Pope … Continue reading

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