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With added Holy Spirit

Our frequent contributor, Superview, ends his comment on Natural Law doesn’t come naturally with the passage: “there is the dogma that the Holy Spirit guides the Church. I have asked several times in the Second Sight blog for insights into … Continue reading

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Wedded and Bedded

The name of psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) is associated in our minds with his “pyramid”. He accomplished a great deal of other work in related areas but his hierarchy of human needs sticks in the lay mind. And it will … Continue reading

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Deep listening

I once thought myself to be an excellent listener. Not only did I have a broad experience against which to judge what was being said, but I had a very accurate memory. When my wife complained “You haven’t been listening … Continue reading

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Chivvying the ungodly

Arguing with the ungodly is often a frustrating business. You put up your evidence and argument and they put up theirs. Minds do not meet and each of us leaves “of the same opinion still”. (I use the term “ungodly” … Continue reading

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