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The hole in the dyke?

Some of you may have seen my note on the Pope’s remark about condoms on the Catholic Herald Blog page, and the rather untidy discussion which follows. But I thought it would be valuable to post a few questions here … Continue reading

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Autonomy and obedience

Bishop Kevin Dowling of South Africa has recently had his knuckles rapped by the Southern African Bishops’ Conference. Among other criticisms he had charged the Church leadership with undermining the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, which holds that higher levels in … Continue reading

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Making abortions legal

I am cheating a bit this week by copying a report from Lifenews.Com which I think will interest you. Lifenews is an excellent site which will keep you up to date on international abortion issues. Quentin Amnesty International, the formerly … Continue reading

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In the eye of the beholder

During the summer we were fortunate enough to get a splendid photograph of our, rather good-looking 14 grandchildren. I used to show this with pride but too often I was greeted with: “They take after their grandmother, don’t they?” It … Continue reading

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