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Dealing with Dad

I have a problem, and I need some help. Here’s the story. I have a good, and affectionate, friend who is an Australian lady in her 40s. She is married, with a family. Being a continent or three away from … Continue reading

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Was St Peter the right choice?

Few readers will be unfamiliar with Lord Acton’s dictum about the effects of power. But, before looking at some more modern evidence, we should note that he is primarily writing of power conferred by office. Let’s put him into context … Continue reading

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Looking at prayer

Amidst our heady discussions on the nature of the Church, and moral questions, it may be a welcome break to think about a subject which is to my mind of more fundamental importance. I was triggered by some work published … Continue reading

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The pity of teenage sex

By temperament I am inclined to live and let live, but even I have my limits. And I reached them with the first programme of a short series called The Joy of Teen Sex, which is running on Channel 4 … Continue reading

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