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Women and children last!

A year ago I wrote a column on population growth. In it, I made two major points. The first was that the low ratio of births to existing population would inevitably lead to populations of increasing average age. This was … Continue reading

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614 to 1

Superview, a distinguished contributor to Second Sight, has left me thinking. In a comment he tells us of the contrast between the 614 laws of Judaism and the one law of Christianity — which is love. I found it useful … Continue reading

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Follow my leader

We have had a major, and vigorous, discussion on under the title of “Was Peter the right choice?” It induces me to write this week on the nature of leadership. I start by distinguishing between leadership and management. They … Continue reading

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I am probably right

A great controversy in the history of moral theology was the concept that a doubtful law could not bind. The logic was simple: you can only be bound by a law which you know to be true and truly applied. … Continue reading

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Our illusory God

“Your belief in God is a cognitive illusion.” “No it’s not. I am certain that God exists.” “You see, that just proves what an effective illusion it is.” It would be unfair to suggest that that exchange, although accurately reflecting … Continue reading

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