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The reform of the reform of the reform

The inaugural convention of the American Catholic Council took place during June. It approved a 10 point bill of rights and responsibilities. The 2000 attenders were for the most part over 50, and educated to graduate levels. I hesitate to … Continue reading

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Jeers or Cheers for the Vatican?

At the UN conference on HIV/Aids, which closed on June 10, the Vatican’s insistence that condoms were not the answer was received with jeers. In this column I propose to give you some information in question-and-answer form. It is up … Continue reading

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In our relatively free and democratic society we live in a tension between those who believe that we should ensure that the maximum support is given to the disadvantaged, and those believe that to do so is to remove motivation … Continue reading

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Feast of Stephens

When Stephen Hawking finished his book A Brief History of Time with the sentence: “If we could find the answer to (why the universe exists), it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all that

On Wednesday, 1st June, I read in the Daily Telegraph that terminally ill patients are to be asked by their doctors how they want to die. The information would be put on the NHS database, and thus be available at … Continue reading

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