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Broadening the battleground

Following the publication in the Catholic Herald of the column titled “The old battleground”some letters were published commenting on my views. This week Elizabeth Price was kind enough to send me directly her response to the points made. With her … Continue reading

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Truth to tell…

It is sobering to reflect from time to time on how little we really know. There are a myriad of examples, and I have chosen just a few to illustrate my point. You will be able to think of many … Continue reading

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The Pope looking suspiciously at Rahner!

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The rapid spread of youth rioting – not only through different areas of London but in the Midlands and the North – triggered a memory in my mind: the Werther effect. The Sorrows of Young Werther was written by Goethe … Continue reading

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The shortcut mind

In the past we have had enlightening discussions on about the nature of free will. I think that contributors will agree that it has been a most difficult subject to understand. I have certainly found it so. But this … Continue reading

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