The Pope looking suspiciously at Rahner!

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Portrait © Jacqueline Alma
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7 Responses to The Pope looking suspiciously at Rahner!

  1. Rahner says:

    I give as good as I get.

    • st.joseph says:

      Rahner, its OK to do that,but you dont give any explanation to the questions you are asked. When you make a statement you ought to explain what you mean!Or else don’t say it!

  2. Rahner says:

    What I have written I have written.

    • Quentin says:

      John Nolan would have written:”Quod scripsi, scripsi.”
      In fact, what I like best about this blog is the variety of well thought out, and incompatible, opinions. I cannot learn from those who agree with me — only from those who disagree.

    • st.joseph says:

      If you can.t put your money where your mouth is, you shouldn’t be on a blog.

  3. John Nolan says:

    Is the Pope looking at the real Rahner or the eponymous one? I agree with Quentin that the essence of debate is to take your opponent’s argument seriously before refuting it. It would be a dull world if we all thought alike.

  4. John Nolan says:

    Regarding ‘quod scripsi, scripsi’ isn’t it great to use three words rather than seven? I love the economy of Latin, e.g. ‘redde autem Caesari quod est Caesaris, et Deo Dei’.

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