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A public argument

I think that ASLEF were perfectly reasonable in calling for a strike in order to get a proper reward for giving up their Boxing Day in order to run the London Tube service. Who wants to be away from their … Continue reading

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In Greek mythology we encounter stories about the doings of gods and men in the distant past, as far back as the first gods: Ouranos, Chronos and Zeus. While the stories are various they have some important characteristics in common. … Continue reading

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Them’s fighting words

Our old friend Advocatus Diaboli has been grumbling away, but I have managed to persuade him to keep quiet. I can’t do that forever, and it would be cowardly of us not to face up to his points. So I … Continue reading

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The cork in the bucket

During the summer this newspaper carried a story about non-directive counselling. There had been some criticism of the charity, Life, on the grounds that no counselling by a Catholic organisation should be non-directive, with the implication that this applied to … Continue reading

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Where did I go wrong?

I am posting this week details of a conversation between one of my sons and myself. While the conversation never took place exactly as I narrate it, the views are ones that my son has made clear to me over … Continue reading

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