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When tradition is not Tradition

‘The Church, in the course of centuries, tends perpetually towards the fullness of divine truth,” says Vatican II of the Tradition of the Apostles (Dei Verbum 8). Nothing to frighten the horses there, but the passage has its critics – … Continue reading

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The beam in the eye

Our old friend Advocatus Diaboli has been in touch with me again. And, as usual, I submit his ideas to you for comments. Is he talking through his hat, or does he have some worthwhile points? Here he goes. I … Continue reading

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The harmony of God

I am a mathematical flirt. The Jesuit who taught me was far too clever to understand that I needed my sixth-form mathematics explained in words of one syllable, and preferably in terms of apples and oranges. But I was fascinated … Continue reading

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Homo Sapiens Artificialis

Here is an interesting issue to examine: what moral judgment would you make about the use of three parents to one child? This is not a science fantasy but a genuine question which could lead to a change in the … Continue reading

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