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The occasion which really started my interest in the brain was Robert Ornstein’s book Multimind, which I read in 1986. Ornstein is a distinguished psychology professor, with many fine books to his name. Perhaps the one for which he will … Continue reading

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Neuroscience Matters – the first in a series

The human brain is like an iceberg. It is estimated that only five per cent of mental activity is concerned with conscious thought. The remaining 95 per cent gets on with the job, and needs no help from us. And … Continue reading

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I know just how you feel

I daresay that we can all look back on our lives and identify points and incidents when we learnt something so important that it, at least to some significant degree, changed us forever. One such incident was when I learned … Continue reading

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The eyes have it

When Sir Charles Sherrington described the forming of the human eye in the darkness of the womb, it took him nine pages. As he pictures, in a kind of scientific poetry, the steps, systems, materials, measurements and precision needed for … Continue reading

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