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Come into my parlour…

You may be surprised to know that the psychological significance to a woman of baking a cake is that of bringing a gift of a new baby to the family. Thus sellers of cake mixes, which originally only required the … Continue reading

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Idea and Ideology

What turns an idea into an ideology? If we take a broad sweep of history we get the impression that religion is more likely to be the cause of war and bloodshed than to bring harmony amongst peoples. For many … Continue reading

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Explain the brain

If we were awarding the Almighty with a prize for the marvels of material creation we would surely pick the human brain. It is the highest instrument of rational thought and, through its marvellous operations, we can – with grace … Continue reading

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Swaying with the wind

We are all very conscious of the ways in which the mores or the values in our society have changed over our lifetimes.  To take an obvious example: the matter of abortion. Go back to the 1940s and abortion was … Continue reading

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Neuroscience – the second in a series

How hot is a bowl of water? Take three bowls: one of cold water, one of hot water, one of lukewarm water. Soak your left and right hands in the hot and cold water respectively, then plunge them both into … Continue reading

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