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Not guilty

An American schoolteacher was found guilty of making sexual advances to his young stepdaughter. But on the day before he was to be sentenced he complained that he was losing his balance. He was discovered to have a large tumour … Continue reading

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Paul VI versus Pius X

On June 9th, Milroy Joseph, concluded his contribution to Second Sight with the words: “Vatican II succeeded greatly in the creation of disenchantment and ‘squabbling’ at all levels; and the fundamental reason – as I see it – is the … Continue reading

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The plastic brain

Out of the most terrible of tragedies some good may come. The troubles in Romania a score of years ago brought us face to face with children who from the earliest years had suffered parental neglect. The children, without care … Continue reading

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Bless me, father

The last time I went to Confession the young priest spoke with a strong foreign accent and was clearly unfamiliar with the English language. For one wild moment I contemplated confessing every possible sin I could think of. In that … Continue reading

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