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How far can you go?

It is many years since I first read David Lodge’s book How Far Can You Go? But re-reading it this month took me back to the 1950s and 1960s when I – like many others – was struggling with the … Continue reading

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The perils of power

What have Stalin, the Pope and the chief executive of a large bank got in common? The answer to that is power. We have talked about this subject before, and today I want to look at what the psychologists have … Continue reading

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For every time she shouted “Fire!”  They only answered “Little Liar!” Let’s imagine that you have a friend who is in hospital and near to death from a road accident. He asks you about his passenger – his beloved wife. … Continue reading

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Simply disgusting

Click-click-click. The man came down the road with his clapper, warning others to shun him. His face was disfigured by the lumpy excrescences and open sores of leprosy, his smell was foetid. He was an outcast – yet the young … Continue reading

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