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Impure thoughts about impure thoughts

From time to time it has been suggested on this Blog that the teaching Church has shown a kind of institutionalised distaste for the pleasures which accompany sexual expression. By chance I came across some notes I had written ten … Continue reading

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Stem cell

Many of us will have rejoiced at the award of a Nobel Prize to Sir John Gurdon (shared with Shinya Yamanaka) for his work leading to the therapeutic use of human stem cells. It’s not every day that a pupil … Continue reading

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Highly personal

We have some splendidly active debates on this Blog. This time I want to propose a topic which is of (literally) vital importance yet hard to solve in a way to which everyone would subscribe. In February 2012 a paper … Continue reading

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How many different words did Shakespeare use? Google tells me: 31,534. How many letters did Shakespeare use? 26 – including, if my memory serves me: “Thou zed, thou unnecessary letter!” So it’s not the number of letters which counts; it’s … Continue reading

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