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Crossing the bar

My wife and I were discussing the recent death of a close friend. We wondered about the experience of crossing the threshold from life to death to eternal life. And of course our imaginations failed – because we can only … Continue reading

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On the contrary

HILARY This whole idea of gay marriage  is dangerous nonsense. After all we’ve given them all the rights they want and need – why should they muscle in on marriage? Everyone one knows that marriage involves a man and a … Continue reading

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A few weeks back, we looked at how skilled persuaders made powerful use of reciprocation to gain their ends. This week we consider the force which lies behind commitment. Its source is our instinctive concern to protect our self-respect through … Continue reading

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Did the window slam shut?

Everyone remembers John XXIII’s gesture of throwing open a window to symbolise his forthcoming Council which would bring the Church out of the shadows and open it to the world. That was some 50 years ago. At that time my … Continue reading

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