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Training to be good

In my last column I wrote about how the distinguished Catholic philosopher, Elizabeth Anscombe, set modern moral philosophers off on a quest to validate virtue ethics. This week I want to explore how this approach can release us from the … Continue reading

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Broken marriage

“Broken families cost taxpayers £46bn a year” read a headline in my newspaper this Monday morning. Apparently that is £1,541 per taxpayer. It includes benefits, child care, and vandalism in school. The total sum has increased by £9bn since 2009. … Continue reading

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In the list of influential Catholics in the twentieth century the philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe, who died in 2001, will certainly find a place. She removed the underpinning of moral philosophy, as currently practised, and triggered a revival of virtue ethics. … Continue reading

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Do you feel guilty?

From time to time on this Blog contributors have considered whether a breach of the Church’s teaching on contraception might lead to the acceptance of a wide range of undesirable sexual practices. This argument is based on recent history which … Continue reading

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