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Get rich quick

Would you like to become very rich? There are plenty of possible ways. You could develop and sell a successful social network on the internet. High school dropout, David Karp, recently sold his social networking site, Tumblr, to Yahoo! for … Continue reading

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All in the mind

Tick off in your mind which of these benefits you would value: reduction of anxiety and irritability, improvement in memory, speeding up reaction times, control of chronic stress, lowered hypertension, increase in cognitive performance, a stronger immune system and improved … Continue reading

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Mind that bus!

We have recently been discussing the pros and cons of changing from a straightforward clear cut expression of our religion into the complexities, arguments and uncertainties which accompany any up to date attempts at understanding. So I look back and … Continue reading

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Body and soul

The Church teaches that our best understanding is that we are all descended from Adam, and from him inherit original sin. This is easily inferred from Scripture, but is less easily demonstrated from inheritance. This second method requires tracing back … Continue reading

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With a bare bodkin…

There has been much discussion in the media about the desirability of ‘assisted dying’. The controversy over whether the Liverpool Care Pathway is a covert form of hurrying us to the grave or simply the best way to die peacefully … Continue reading

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