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Ghetto schools

From Advocatus Diaboli, with Quentin’s permission My dear Friends At last, I think, I have found a cause which we can all share. Many Catholic friends (yes I have some) have told me about the importance they place on two … Continue reading

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Be very afraid

We have all been made very aware that the population of the world continues to grow. But predicting to what extent it may fall or rise is difficult because demographers use differing models and assumptions. For example, the Autonomous University … Continue reading

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R U A Meritocrat?

LESLIE Well I think it’s shocking. Did you see those figures in the Telegraph last week? HILARY What figures were those? LESLIE They were looking at what people paid towards welfare and pensions in the last Tax Year. Someone earning … Continue reading

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Clear conscience

The teaching of Vatican II on conscience is often invoked in discussions about moral obligation. While the traditional doctrine of the freedom of conscience is stated clearly in Gaudium et Spes (and Dignitatis Humanae) it has been read by some … Continue reading

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