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The dark art

I find that, by coincidence, three of my grandchildren are currently employed by marketing companies. I give them no advice beyond suggesting that common sense may prove a valuable commodity. But perhaps the time will come when they will have … Continue reading

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The eccentricity of God

I feel for the older brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Don’t you? All his life he has given obedience to his father, yet he has to stand by and watch his perfectly awful brother, who has broken … Continue reading

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Marriage workaround

I was pleased to see my old friend, Dennis, again. Our conversation rattled on until he reached a subject of greater immediate importance to him. He had been married, divorced and re-married. And he told me of his distress about … Continue reading

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The image of God

In the correspondence following Bishops’ Boots, Iona invited me to write about the process of conversion. Gee! Thanks, Iona. I am tackling this as a blog post rather than a Catholic Herald column because my views are tentative – I … Continue reading

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Breeding money

A year or so ago I made some money. It was quite simple really. I noticed that the stock market was going through a period of mild depression. So I bought an investment whose value was defined by the value … Continue reading

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