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Mine’s bigger’n yours

Last week we touched on the question of conflict. It was in the context of blanket bombing and the nuclear arms race. Standing back, we might wonder how it happened that a handful of nations were actually ready to destroy … Continue reading

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Dark Triad

Does the phrase “dark triad” mean anything to you? Were I asked to guess, I would probably come up with the witches in Macbeth. But in fact psychologists use the concept to refer to three personality traits which can often … Continue reading

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The good news about the Good News

A blog or two back we found ourselves beginning to discuss evangelisation – and our duties in this regard. The subject is so important that I am suggesting that we return to it and consider the issues. We all agree … Continue reading

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Once more unto the preach, dear friends

Here is a sad story. One of my daughters arrived at my house on Christmas Day with her non-Catholic husband and three (young adult) children. She was exasperated by the Mass she had attended. “There I was, at a Christmas … Continue reading

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A note on fundamentalism

Fundamentalism has spread from its original dictionary definition as adherence to a literal interpretation and acceptance of Scripture to cover a broader range. So we can talk of the fundamentalism which justified the slaughter of tens of thousands of Christians … Continue reading

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