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Entia non sunt multiplicanda…

Last year Mr Tom Mcintyre produced this quote from the Blessed John Henry Newman (letter to Catholic Herald, 2 August): “Darwin’s theory need not be atheistical, be it true or not; it may simply be suggesting a larger idea of … Continue reading

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The community of suffering

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are occasions when I become particularly aware of the Church as a community. We come together in front of the mystery of suffering, and the mystery of resurrection. Community carries the meaning of a diversity … Continue reading

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Right and wrong for all?

Our regular contributor, Nektarios, has made a comment on “Three into one don’t go” which I summarise here: We have not touched on Christian ethics or the fact that over the last fifty years these have been largely abandoned by … Continue reading

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Three into one won’t go

The idea of children born of three parents smacks of science fiction. We may well feel that, by comparison, minor tweaks in the DNA of the embryo are small beer. Yet it is a real and immediate prospect allowed by … Continue reading

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