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A feast of assumptions

We all come to judgments with a bundle of assumptions which we have learned from past experience. It is an assumption that someone who has been dishonest once will be dishonest again; it is an assumption that someone who has … Continue reading

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How do you feel today?

We may like to think of ourselves as rational people but, in truth, we are not only guided by emotions we are often ruled by them. They play a major role in our decisions, in our reactions, in our relationships. … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit and you

Relying on the Holy Spirit is a dangerous game. That may sound an odd remark given that Jesus assures us that the Spirit will bring the Church and its members to the truth. But, while the action of the Spirit … Continue reading

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How was it for you?

“At the heart of this reform (as expressed by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium) are synodality (the entire Church walking, discerning and evangelizing together), episcopal collegiality (shared governing responsibility between pope and bishops) and subsidiarity (decentralization of decision-making authority) — … Continue reading

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