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The enemy without

We have read in the newspapers today that a High Court judgment has decided that humanism should be included in religious studies in our schools. At first sight, this looks like cloud-cuckoo land. Humanists are adamant that they are not … Continue reading

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Sauce for the goose

I had taken the children out for a walk when my wife, left on her own, started to miscarry – at 10 weeks. Weak and haemorrhaging, she staggered to the bathroom and baptised our baby, whom one day she will … Continue reading

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Better dead than red

So Jeremy Corbyn has said that he would never press the nuclear button. I leave for others the political problems which might arise were he to become prime minister, but I think about the moral position. I use my imagination … Continue reading

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The day Macpherson died

I will always remember the day Macpherson was drowned. I was 15 when it happened, and Macpherson (name changed) would have been a year or so older. He was in a single skull on the Thames nearby and apparently he … Continue reading

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