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Programmed for damnation

Are scruples good or bad? If we speak of someone as ‘scrupulously honest’ we probably intend this as approval. It suggests a commitment to honesty which is greater than we ordinarily expect, but cannot fail to admire. But we also … Continue reading

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Change your genes

About a year ago we had some discussions on the three-parent baby, involving the use of healthy mitochondria from a donor. And today we see creeping into the press a new word to us: CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic … Continue reading

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A snake in the grass

This may prove an interesting week for Catholics. The new film Spotlight is being released in Britain. It is based in 2001 when the Boston Globe began to investigate the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Massachusetts. I … Continue reading

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What does the Church do?

Earlier this week a blog of mine on the Zika crisis in Brazil was published on the Catholic Herald website. Over a couple of days it had attracted 337 comments by the time comments were closed. I am reproducing it … Continue reading

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