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Bad apples or bad barrels?

For me, the saddest point in the film Spotlight was at the very end where three screens were needed to show all the places in which the local Church had managed cover ups of incidents of sexual abuse. The question … Continue reading

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You feel…because…

“You feel…because…” it’s an odd formula, isn’t it? Yet I can remember sitting around with a group of people, and learning to use it routinely. We were all marriage counsellors in training practising a fundamental skill for the work we … Continue reading

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Shuffling off this mortal coil

A little while ago I had some symptoms which indicated a real possibility that I had a fatal disease. You will, I hope, be glad to hear that the symptoms resolved themselves, and I am fine. However, for a day … Continue reading

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The day the Pope said no

It is Monday July 29 1968. I have a business meeting north of Marble Arch. At the station I see the Evening Standard placard: “POPE SAYS NO TO BIRTH CONTROL” I have no time to buy a paper but, throughout … Continue reading

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One in three and three in one

The Trinity – ah we know all about that. Or do we? Insofar as the subject come into Catholic conversation – which isn’t very often – a secular eavesdropper would take in no more than that it is three persons … Continue reading

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