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Conflict in the Church

While our minds are full of Brexit and the arrival of President-elect Trump we should also be aware of another crisis which is of great interest to Catholics. As is so often the case, a point of conflict will remind … Continue reading

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Does God exist? It’s a fair question. I am not a betting man but I can do the arithmetic of chance versus reward. And this is quite straightforward. I can decide that God exists and, if I’m right, I have … Continue reading

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God’s truth

This week I am returning to a subject which we looked at some years ago. I do so because we have had some interesting recent discussions on the behaviour of God on aspects of grace, faith, judgment and redemption. It … Continue reading

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The truth is not in us

There will be few readers who have not heard the story of the Jesuit and the Benedictine who agreed to ask their superiors if they could smoke while praying their Office. The Benedictine asked if he could smoke while he … Continue reading

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