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Playing God

Today I am not writing an ordinary post, I am asking an extraordinary question. We live in a world in which there is much suffering. We experience it ourselves in aspects of our lives, even if it is only from … Continue reading

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Body and Soul

On the ‘Sunday’ programme (5 June) there was a brief discussion between three professors of science: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. The topic was the relationship of science and religion – always relevant to this column. They all took constructive views … Continue reading

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My marriage was a mistake

There I was, repairing this fiddly little gadget when I lost my screwdriver. I knew that I had used it not a minute before, but it had disappeared. Frustrated, I asked my wife if she had seen it. Within a … Continue reading

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Tie a yellow ribbon…

Perhaps some of you watched Oak Tree: Nature’s Greatest Survivor in the last fortnight. It was a fascinating story of a year in the life of a four hundred year old tree, using the most modern methods of analysis. I … Continue reading

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Adam and Eve and Pinch-me-tight

In discussing Pope for a day our respected contributor, John Candido, started a post with the sentence “The doctrine of original sin has to be removed from the church’s doctrines and replaced with a more realistic understanding of human frailty … Continue reading

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Man, proud man

Three million years before the first homo sapiens appeared our ancestors were making stone tools with multiple uses. These were not just opportunistic broken flints but tools which had been knapped for the purpose. A recent find pushes back the … Continue reading

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How the chicken got its beak

A week or two ago Nature published a report about how chickens developed a beak from the flat snout of their dinosaur ancestors. All that was required was a change in position of two proteins. Evolution. We have recently been … Continue reading

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