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Who decides our morals?

When my wife miscarried at three months she pulled herself, haemorrhaging, to a tap so that she could baptise her baby. Why? Because she had been taught that an unbaptised baby will never get to Heaven. I commend her devotion, … Continue reading

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How odd of God

In May this year an unrepentant Ian Brady, the ‘moors murderer’, died. Terry Kilbride, the brother of a victim, hoped that Brady would ‘rot in hell’. Perhaps we agree: Brady would appear on many people’s short list of the wicked. … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Mum

Jesus’ Mum. It is Christmas time, so I thought a poem I wrote some years ago might be suitable. We do not always remember that the mother of Jesus was an ordinary Jewish woman, living an ordinary Jewish life. No … Continue reading

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Amoris Laetitia

Amoris Laetitia – what do you think? I have read the document quite quickly, taking extra care over particular sections. And I have read several initial commentaries. So I give you my early reactions. I am struck by its idiosyncrasy. … Continue reading

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Why not me?

A few days ago I watched an “Unreported World” programme on BBC 4. It was about Karachi – Pakistan’s richest city. I was shocked. The problem was water. In recent years the lack of customary rain, linked to an appallingly … Continue reading

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The day the Pope said no

It is Monday July 29 1968. I have a business meeting north of Marble Arch. At the station I see the Evening Standard placard: “POPE SAYS NO TO BIRTH CONTROL” I have no time to buy a paper but, throughout … Continue reading

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RU corrupt?

Corruption everywhere! But what does corruption mean? Its root is in ‘rupt’ meaning a breakdown as in ‘rupture’. So I take it to mean the breakdown of something that ought to be different. We use it appropriately when a person … Continue reading

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